Can you learn how to survive in the wild by watching man v wild?



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    There is another show just like Man vs. Wild called Survivor Man.  Both shows can teach you a little about how to survive in various places in the wild.  However, I wouldn’t call them survival manuals or guides, or rely too heavily on them if you are planning a safari or exotic adventure.  But, they can prove useful for providing little tricks, tips, or techniques that may come in handy one day.

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    Apparently, a young teen relied on a few survival tips from Man vs Wild to find his way back during an extreme weather condition. The teenager claims to remember and copied methods that Grylls used to survive. In a way, that show provides survival guides for real-life encounters and situations, but I wouldn’t solely rely on the show to survive in the complete wilderness. Like limbonics said above, keep in mind that Man vs Wild is still a television show and while scenes appear real and dangerous, Grylls is professionally trained and is constantly surrounded by people and safety gear.


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