can you keep sand lizards as pets?

its rescured.



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    Yes, you usually can. You just have to take care of them like all other lizards. Feeding it crickets and small invertebrates, as well as giving it a comfortable living environment with sand, water, hiding caves, and the aquarium tank be heated with lights on one side, because they need it, but also need a cool side to help with shedding. You can also take it to a pet store to see if they can take it, if you don’t want to keep it.

    However, sand lizards are also known to be threatened in most of Europe.

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    That depends on where you are, and how you obtain the sand lizard. Sand lizards can most certainly be kept as pets from a practical standpoint (They require similar habitat and care to any pet lizard). Yet sand lizards are protected in parts of europe and asia, meaning they could be prohibited as an imported pet to the United States.

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