Can you keep chickens as pets?



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    Keeping chickens as pets is perfectly legal, though I encourage you to check specific zoning ordinances in your area to see if any permits are required before keeping livestock on your property. Chickens make friendly and engaging pets if they are kept properly, and raising your own eggs is a great alternative to buying from chicken farmers. Please visit the cited link for more information about raising chickens as pets.

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    It depends on the specific laws and codes of your town or municipality. It is not legal to keep chickens as pets everywhere, and you may have to obtain a permit or follow specific regulations as to how far they can be from another residence or whether they must be kept in a coop. There may also be limitations on the number of chickens you may keep or whether you may also keep roosters.

    For example, the article below discusses how the regulations for keeping chickens vary between towns that are very closeby to one another. In some cases, they are legal; in others, not. You should call your town or city planning department to find out what rules apply to you.

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    Keeping chickens is a big part of the urban homesteading movement.

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