Can you help control diabetes by drinking tea?



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    Several studies have shown that green tea can actually help keep blood glucose levels stable, which is important for managing diabetes.

    A study performed by the UK Council on Tea showed that people who regularly consume green tea are at a lower risk of developing Type II diabetes. 

    Green tea also has a thermogenic effect on our bodies. This effect actually causes our metabolism to speed up and helps us burn fat faster. In addition to helping keep our insulin levels stable, those who drink green tea may find it easier to maintain (or even lose) weight.

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    Tea with antioxidants can help the body rid itself of fats and starches by helping the body pull them, along with waste products out of your system to be disposed of through urination or solid waste.  The caffeine in the tea can contribute to flushing out your system by pulling fluid from the circulatory system as well as from your skin, fat and intestines.  If you use honey, sugar (be it natural or refined), brown sugar and even agave nectar which has a low glycemic index and therefore is a better choice as a sweetener, it can cause a spike in your blood sugar which will then cause your body to try to counter that with insulin which can then trigger a sugar low causing cravings which when satisfied, cause the insulin to react again. Caffeinated tea can give you energy promoting more activity and cause your body to burn off calories of carbohydrates and sugars which are known to cause wild swings in your metabolism.  This can also affect your mood, concentration, memory and attitude.  Who would have thought, all this from a cup of tea.   

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    Studies from researchers in the Tianjin Key Laboratory in China found that of the three teas they studied (green,oolong and black), the polysaccharides in black tea had the most glucose-inhibiting properties. Polysaccharides may benefit people with diabetes because they help slow absorption of glucose.

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    Bilberry (also known as Huckleberry) and Sage teas are also known to be helpful in the treatment of diabetes (specifically type 2). 

    Bilberry tea is effective because it contains a compound called glucoquinine which is instrumental in lowering blood glucose levels.

    Sage tea is effective because it is known to boost insulin activity and also positively aids in liver function. 

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