Can you grow plants without water?



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    Like animals, all plants need some water to survive. They will only live about two days with no water at all. However, it is possible to have a house plant that you seldom or never need to water. Cacti and other plants that grow naturally in the desert only need to be watered once their soil is completely dry, which typically takes some time. Cacti also have a dormant season where they shouldn’t be watered more than once every few weeks.

    Scientists have identified a gene that controls water retention in plants, and are working on growing crops that can use water much more efficiently. They would still need water to live, but humans would seldom or never need to provide it to them.

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    Nope, all living things from single cell organisms to the great Redwood Tree all need water to survive. This is why evidence of water on other planets is of so much interest to scientists, because where there is water there maybe life. The plant that needs the least water are cacti but even these will die eventually if not watered; I can tell you from experience.

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