Can you grow vegetables in plant pots?



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    Yes, you just need to have a patio, windowsill, etc that will give the plant sufficient light.  Tomatoes, peppers, green onions, beans, radishes, and herbs are just a few of the vegetables/foods that grow well in pots and other containers.  Check the aggie-horticulture link to below to read up on certain varieties of vegetables that are ideal for mini-gardens. 

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    Sure you can! It becomes a question of the right pot for the right job more than if you can. In general, the pot should be able to support a hospitable environment for the vegetable itself to grow. You just need the right ratio of soil and tenable capacity for water. Plants that are put into pots also need more watering than plants that go into ground, so be sure you keep an eye on your plant and its water content. Your local greenhouse should have a moisture gauge available–works like a turkey thermometer, just pop it in and get a readout. Here’s an article for more tips on how to plant vegetables in pots:

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