Can you grow mangos in Arizona?



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    It looks like you can successfully grow mangos in Arizona’s climate. As long as you supply the plant with sufficient water, it will be able to tolerate the harsh desert heat. You should leave the plant somewhere where it will receive full-on sunlight, but minimal reflected heat. 

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    Mango which is a tropical crop can survive in Arizona. Although it is a deep feeder plant with well developed taproot system, adequate measures should be put in place to provide it with sufficient water sine the rate of transpiration is high in the Arizona.

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    You can also grow your mangoes in a greenhouse, which would probably be best if you want the best fruit. You will need to graft tree limbs from established fruit-producing mango trees, as mango trees planted from seed, known as “wild mango trees,” do not produce good fruit on their own. For more info, see

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