Can you grow chickens from the eggs you buy at the store?



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    Unfortunately no. The eggs in grocery stores are not fertilized, and even if they were, the developing embryo would probably not survive the refrigeration. A good place to get chickens (and everything you need to raise them) is a feed store like this one in Woodland where I got mine. My chicks were already hatched, but I still had to keep them warm under a heat lamp. Chickens are awesome, and I highly recommend that you get some. The city chicken website is one of the best online resources I have ever found on chickens. Enjoy 🙂

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    No.  Generally all store bought eggs are not fertilized therefor cannot be hatched.  Even if they were fertilized, most eggs are kept refrigerated.  This prevents the egg from developing.  There have been some accounts of people cracking open an egg that had a partially developed chick in them though.

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