Can you give me tips on how to throw an eco-friendly barbecue?



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    Well first of all, don’t use disposable anything, especially not styrofoam! In fact, if you don’t want to deal with washing all the dishes, maybe set up a tub for guests to wash their stuff when they’re done…that would be kind of an activity that got everyone thinking about how much they’re NOT wasting by cleaning up after themselves.

    Compost waste food. See what you can do about serving only locally grown foods, especially meats. Check out the link for info on why its so great to eat locally.

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    -Make your event Waste-Free by using reusable dishware.
    -Serve a locally grown organic meal.
    -Don’t serve beef (has a higher carbon footprint than poultry).
    -If you serve fish, make sure it meets the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch Guidelines.
    -Purchase free trade items.

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