Can you get warts from frogs?



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    No, you can’t get warts from touching frogs or toads. Warts form when a part of the skin is infected by a human papillomavirus and are easily transmitted by touching something that someone else with a virus has touched. So, the only way I could see you getting a wart from a frog is if someone else with warts was just holding it, although I somehow doubt it.

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    You can’t get warts from touching frogs or toads. Warts actually come from the HPV (human papilloma) virus. The HPV virus is very similar to other germs, the wart virus likes warm moist places like small cuts or scratches on the hands and feet. You can come contact with HPV by touching a towel or surface that someone else with the virus has touched Once the virus finds one of these small, moist, warm places, it settles and begins to develop; they can grow for many months, sometimes years before they are big enough to actually notice (The Nemours Foundation, 2011).

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