Can you get sick from eating mushrooms?



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    Depends on the mushroom. If you’re picking wild mushrooms without an accurate field guide (and even then, many would say that’s not enough–it’s important to only consume wild mushrooms if you’ve had them 100% verified by someone who really knows mushrooms!) you can certainly get sick, and even die, from the consumption of poisonous species. Now, if we’re talking cultivated species, the chances of you getting sick are much slimmer. If the mushrooms are not fresh when they are cooked, they can make you sick. Some cultivated species (including morels) should never be eaten raw, because they can make you sick. Some individuals are allergic to mushrooms, which can manifest like any other food allergy. It’s always important to try new foods in small amounts–you never know about potential new allergies!

    For the record, I personally LOVE mushrooms, and have consumed many varieties. My partner is a mycologist, and we have great fun collecting wild edible mushrooms. Always make sure you know what a mushroom is before you consume it, otherwise you may have very bad experiences.

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    Sure, you can get sick from eating any plant if it’s rotten. You could also get sick if the mushroom is poisonous to humans.

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