Can you get money back from the government if you are eco friendly?



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    You can get tax credits if you install geothermal heat, solar power, wind turbines, fuel cells or buy certain eco-friendly cars. See the link below for further details. You can also get discounts on utilities in some areas. I saved 24 dollars on my last water bill because I put in a water barrel to catch rain water and use if for my garden in the summer.

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    You can get up to $7,500 for purchasing certain electic cars. There’s a tax credit for purchasing hybrids as well, though it’s not as high.  With the suggestions mentioned above for improving the energy efficiency of your home, the government will give you back 30% of the cost of the improvements if you’re rennovating an old home.  New homeowners can receive 30% of the cost of improvements up to $1500. 

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