Can you get ink poisoning from tattoos?



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    It is possible to get ink poisoning from a tattoo, however it is a rare occurence.  In order to get ink poisoning, the ink has to get into your bloodstream.  Tattoos are applied into the second layer of your skin, the dermal layer, and not into the bloodstream.  It is possible that the ink could leach into your bloodstream, but as long as you work with a reputable tattoo artist, the risk will be minimized.  Some people are actually allergic to tattoo ink and can see a reaction weeks or even years after getting a tattoo, but this is different than ink poisoning.

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      Brooke, What type of reactions can one have years later? Is it possible to have blood counts drop for no reason? Or to get nerve damage? I’m trying to find a cause for my fiances illness..she is in so much pain..and the nerve damage is spreading, no one knows whats happening, she was a tatoo artist and has sleeves as well as work on her neck and chest, sometimes they feel raised? Im wondering if the tats can tie into her medical problems? If you could let me know here or at Thank You, Mike

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    Many older or lower quality tattoos, particularly those you get in prison, are applied using crude machines and crude inks made up of non-traditional compounds. As a result, many heavy metals such as lead can make their way into the ink and then into the persons body, leading to heavy metal poisoning. Although this is now very rare, there are still reported cases, especially from prison where prisoners do not have the information to know about these dangers.

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    As long as the ink is FDA approved no. Before getting a tattoo research the studio, ask where they get their ink, if there sterilization machine in maintained etc. The ink never reaches the blood stream so it’s just not possible. If the ink reaches the bloodstream though, then you can get ink poisoning.

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