Can you get a good job with a 4 year degree in environmental science?



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    There are many great jobs/careers out there for individuals with a 4 year degree in environmental science. Even though jobs are tough to come by in this economy, that shouldn’t bring you down. With the right motivation and determination you can achieve anything that you put your mind to. For example, I was considering majoring in environmental science to become an environmental science teacher. That’s just one possible career that you may choose, along with many others that I linked to at the bottom. 

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    Some great job search engines where you can narrow your search to fit your needs are,, and don’t rule out the government sector, which offers a large pool of jobs and resources in this field.

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    there are many jobs in the environmental science field that require no more than a bachelor’s degree. Of course, you have to pay your dues when you start out. As in other field, work/volunteer experience is more important. Make sure to take a variety of courses in college, so you will have exposure to different subjects. Employers like to see that you have “wide angled” lenses to working with environmental issues. Also keep working on your written and oral communication skills!

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    There are many great jobs in the environmental field, but in a tough economy and with more and more people getting higher degrees, volunteering, jobs, internships, and networking are critical. I just moved to a new state at the end of August and have yet to find a job. I got a degree in Sustainability with a biology focus and had two jobs and four internships in my field prior to graduating. My volunteer and intern experience helped me get the jobs I had. If I had stayed in my home state, I probably would have found something easier because people could vouch for my talents and reliability. It takes some time to build credibility and a network. Also, interning and volunteering is important to know that you are in the right field and helps you narrow down your focus within your field. I never had much interest in engineering until I interned with Energizer. Likewise, I realized that zoology was not for me after interning at a nature center. 

    All the experiences I have had have been extremely rewarding, and my experiences will help me succeed and put me above other candidates. I think people in the environmental field are known for ambition, responsibility, and caring. Those qualities should help you succeed in other fields if you happen to pursue them later on as well. 

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