Can you get e-reader versions of magazines?



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    The latest news stories show that the e-reader tech might not be advanced enough for magazines to start having e-reader versions. The screens are not advanced enough. But with the tech changing every day, I don’t think we will have to wait much longer for magazines to show up in e-reader versions. Major magazines are currently in the process of being made into e-reader, such as Time, GQ, Car and Driver, Elle, Reader’s Digest, and Popular Science.  A new e-reader, Zinio, is expected to hit the markets in a few months with beta versions of the previous magazines. I’m guessing it will take a year or two for e-readers to be compatible. 

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    You probably asked this question because you have an e-reader, but if you are thinking about investing in a portable reading device that offers magazines, the Kindle has all the newspapers and magazines you could want.

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    Yes!  The Kindle offers tons of newspapers and magazines.  The Nook currently doesn’t, but it’s becoming very popular — I would guess that they would start to add them soon.

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    The Nook has also offered newspapers and magazines for quite some time.

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