Can you get anything on craigslist?



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    Yes, I’ve made a few purchases on craigslist. Use the site with caution though as anyone can make a listing. The link below shows other things you can do on craigslist, including finding jobs and looking at real estate.

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    You can get almost anything on Craigslist! Specifically relating to the environment, though, Craigslist advertises job listings (which can include green collar jobs) and is a venue for people to resell used items, including eco-friendly products and hybrid cars. Craigslist gives people an opportunity to sell their old furniture and items instead of throwing them away, where they would sit in a landfill. Craigslist has also cultivated a buy-sell-trade culture, where people are willing to accept used items rather than buy an item brand new, which helps the environment.

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    No, you can’t.  There are several types of things that are specifically forbidden by the Craigs List terms of service.  These include any illegal items or prepared food.

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