Can you explain the whole process of single stream recycling – from pick-up to recycled material/products?



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    This article on single stream recyling offers youtube videos that explain the entire process of single stream recycling step by step. I hope this helps!

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    Prior to single-stream recycling, we had multi-stream recycling. Whoever wanted to recycle had to seperate their recyclables into three bins- plastics, papers, and metals. This was a hassle and the effort that went into it discouraged many from recycling.

    This is where single-stream recycling comes in. Instead of three bins, all recyclables can be put into one bin and collected together and taken to the Materials Recovery Facility where a machine automatically sorts the recyclables over the course of several stages. Some examples are magnets that seperate iron products and eddy currents that seperate aluminum and copper products. Once these items are all seperated, they can be recycled in their own respective way.

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