Can you eat raw pumpkin?



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    Yes, you can eat raw pumpkin. Though, raw pumpkin is definitely an acquired taste. In it’s raw form, it does offer great nutritional value. Raw pumpkin has many valuable vitamins and minerals including a large supply of carotinoids which offer anti-aging properties. Some raw pumpkin recipes include pumpkin juice, pumpkin-seed cheese, and pumpkin nog.

    Please note, some people do complain of an upset stomach after eating raw pumpkin, but that seems to be the only possible side affect.

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    According to the raw_veganism forum discussion, you can eat pumpkin raw.  Most any plant can have toxins that can be harmful to sensitive stomachs.  Pumpkin is sweet, and might not have too many toxins to deal with.  The forum discussion is cited below.

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