Can you eat leopard shark?



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    Yes, leopard shark for the most part is ok to eat if you follow a few safety guidlines. The first is to let the shark bleed out once it is caught and dead. The meat that is darker colored and around the belly along with the guts and skin should be discarded. It is essential that you choose a safe cooking method for your shark such as baking, broiling, grilling, or steaming; this will ensure that all of the chemical pollutants run off along with the fatty juices. Smaller size sharks are safer to consume that larger ones and it is recommended that no one consume more that two servings of shark a month. Pregnant women and children under 6 are advised not to eat shark at all because of the possibility of mercury content (Kenyon, 2000).

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    Yes, people do eat Leopard sharks. For conservation purposes, fisherman cannot keep sharks that shorter than 36 inches long. Although people like leopard shark meat, ones caught off the California coast may contain mercury, so eat at your own risk. 

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