Can you eat aloe vera?



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    Aloe vera is most often used to treat external problems such as burns and surface wounds. It can be ingested to treat certain digestive problems such as constipation, but it doesn’t have a very good flavor. I would read the container before deciding to ingest any bottled aloe. Make sure that there aren’t any strange additives and watch for warnings. 

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    Yes, aloe vera can definitely be consumed, but eating it raw has one problem: it doesn’t taste very good! What you should do is cut the leaf up a bit until you reach the translucent part of the plant. This part is what you want to actually eat, so take off all of the darker green skin on top until you reach the middle part. You can either eat this raw (ew) or you can grind it into smoothies or juice!


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    Aloe vera is actually a very common additive to beverages in many Asian countries – sometimes just the gel is used while other times small pieces of the plant itself may be mixed in with the liquid.  Aloe can also be juiced.  There are no particular risks to consuming aloe vera, but be warned.  The raw plant itself isn’t terribly tasty.

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