Can you eat aloe vera?



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    Yes, when taken in a capsule form, it is a known cure for constipation. However, you should still consult a doctor before using aloe vera if you have medical conditions associated from its use. It could be dangerous to menstruating women, people with Crohn’s disease, colitis, appendicitus, and people with intestinal problems.

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    It depends on the part of the plant.  You will want to avoid the bottom of the stalk (the green-yellow part).  However, after removing the skin and the inner juice, you will find a gel substance that is often marketed by many health food stores.  While its health benefits have been disputed, the gel part is certainly not harmful to consume.  Please make sure that you do not eat the wrong part of the plant, as this will result in severe vomiting, loose stool, and painful bowel movements.

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    Yes, though many people find the taste unappealing. If you want to eat the plant. you need to cut up it up into small pieces and only consume the translucent parts of it.  The site below suggests putting the translucent pieces in cranberry juice to reduce the bitterness.  It is very health to eat aloe vera — people in Asia eat the plant frequently as part of a healthy diet.  Aloe vera is full of natural antibiotics that can help prevent infection and disease.  Here’s a website that walks you through the steps of preparation:

    Chopped up aloe vera ready to eat:

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