Can you dye your hair naturally?



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    Using henna to dye your hair is a great natural option. Because the ingredients in henna are all-natural, your hair won’t be damaged in the process. This website has a list of instructions and ingredients to help you out.

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    Try dying your hair with henna! Although, if you want 100% pure henna, you may only have one color choice, which is the red-brown color of henna leaves. Other color will usually have metallic salts in it. You can buy store bought pre-mixed henna dyes, or you can get body art henna from an art store and follow the directions below from ehow. A friend of mine uses this method, and her hair looks great and never suffers any brittle side effects.

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    Yes, you can dye your hair using many organic ingredients. This certain recipe uses the ingredients: lemon juice, chamomile tea, rhubarb, pineapple juice, organic plain yogurt, cinnamon.

    Unfortunately, you will have to re-apply this hair dye a weekly over a series of months, which will not yield in results for a long time. If you are patient and willing to dye your hair the eco-friendly way, this may not be a bad way to go.

    Here are the detailed instructions on how to dye your hair using natural products:

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    Yes you can!  Coffee works as a great natural hair dye (for those wishing to go darker).  Some suggest tea, but I have found that the tea is not strong enough to really make a difference (especially if you have a lot of hair!).  To make your coffee dye, simply brew a few cups of coffee (I found the stronger coffees worked better).  Once the coffee is cool enough to use, pour over hair repeatedly.  I did this in the sink with a bucket under my head and had my sister help me.  She poured the coffee over my head and then used the coffee that collected in the bucket to pour back over.  After a few rinses, she did a final pour and then I wrapped my head in saran wrap and let it sit for a few hours (I just hung around the house and cleaned, cooked, etc while it was soaking).  Then I rinsed it out.  I did this on a weekly basis and noticed a big difference in my hair color.  I also tried putting cocoa powder in my shampoo and conditioner and that worked as well.  Afterwards I smelled like a frappuccino but no one ever said being beautiful was easy!  See source below for another story about coffee as hair dye.  

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    Yes, you can dye your hair naturally. Like everyone before has mentioned, henna is a great natural dye, though it is only that sienna color. There aren’t natural bleaches, though, so if your hair is dark, it may be harder to use natural ways to dye your hair. Walnut hulls are another way to dye your hair by natural means. One thing that this article goes over is that natural herbs won’t have as strong as a pigmentation that commercial and chemical dyes have, so it’s a building process, building up the color until you have what you desire.

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