Can you drown a tree?



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    Yes.  Just as you can drown a human, you can drown a tree.  One of the most common reasons that plants, trees, and shrubbery die is because they are overwatered (or essentially drowned).  Unfortunately the symptoms of underwatering and overwatering are the same: wilted and scorched leaves.  The reason is that when the roots are sitting in too much water, they are essentially non-functioning (sitting in water cuts off their oxygen supply) and will not send water from the ground back up to the top and ends (leaves) of the plant, leaving the leaves dried out and ‘crunchy’.  

    You can tell if a plant/tree/shurb is over watered because the soil will be wet (not just damp) and able to hold most of its shape when rolled into a ball.  The soil will also be cool to the touch. 

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