Can you drink too much tea?



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    Tea is mostly water so drinking a lot of tea isn’t going to be harmful in anyway. The only thing that might be bad is if it is caffeinated tea and you are drinking A LOT. But the worst that could come of that is simply being hyperactive and possibly not being able to sleep. But even the amount of caffeine in tea is minimal compared to coffee or soda so no, you cannot drink too much tea.

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    Generally, tea is beneficial to human health.  Tannins found in tea have actually been shown to reduce certain types of cancer.  Certain herbal teas should be used sparingly if they have a medicinal application.  For example, small amounts of peppermint tea assist with digestion.  If you have too much of this tea it will wipe out you intestinal microfauna causing gas dicomfort and digestion issues.  Caffeine is usally fine, though it is a diuretic which may contribute to dehydration. Also, you should consult with your doctor about caffeine intake if you have high blood pressure, atrial fibrulation, or risk of stroke.

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    Make sure that the tea you are drinking doesn’t have a lot of sugar in it.  Too much sugar can lead to an increase in one’s weight, diabetes, and even heart disease.  Perhaps buy tea with little to no sugar in it and if you don’t like the taste then add a sugar substitute such as Stevia.  

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