can you drink too much coffee?



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    My friend, you can have too much of anything. In fact, if you drink too much water you’ll end up dying… but the beverage in question is not water, but coffee.

    Coffee contains 65-330 milligrams of caffeine, depending on what coffee you decide to drink. Caffeine is an alkaloid that’s found in most coffees, teas, sodas and some plants. It’s thought to be a pretty safe drug (it’s certainly no methamphetamine!) and deaths caused by it tend to be on accident.

    There are benefits to caffeine, it stimulates the nervous system and releases adrenaline and dopamine. It makes you feel alert and happy, and along with that in increases endurance. But, there is a dark side. It is addictive, though the withdrawals aren’t too bad, and produces restlessness, headaches, and irritability. It also increases your blood pressure and heart rate. Moderation is key when it comes to your coffee.

    In fact, if you’re curious to see how much coffee you would have to drink before you kick the bucket, I suggest this site. Personally, I can drink nearly 67 cups of brewed before I die, but one cup affects me bad enough to where I don’t touch the stuff 😀

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