Can you drink milk if it is past its due date?



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    You can always try. Please, please give it the smell test before you do. It it does not smell right then you probably should not drink it, regardless of the date. The date is on their for a reason.

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    If you are congested or for whatever reason are not able to deploy the “smell” test, here are some additional things you need to know about milk and expiration dates. While pasteurized milk is preprocessed for the more harmful bacteria, giving it a longer shelf life, it will typically be rendered unsafe to drink only a couple of days after the expiration date. Other factors such as leaving the milk out for too long in room temperature and even the refrigerator setting will alter the timing of the bacteria onset. Ingesting such bacteria may result in food poisoning, severity of which will differ on the person’s age and immune system. If you want to be safe, discard any items that are past their expiration date, especially when dealing with meat and dairy.

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