can you cross breed cats with dogs if they are in the same family tree



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    Nearness in a family tree does not directly have to do with breedability, because the evolutionary tree is based on what a plant or animal has descended from, not so much whether they are genetically similar. It’s true, however, that it’s exceedingly unlikely in nature for two plants or animals that are far apart in the evolutionary tree to breed. (What will happen with the advance of technology, and rules governing it is impossible to say.)

    Dogs and cats do not breed together in nature, and cannot be bred with current technology. The reasons are easy to understand, considering that humans can’t even exchange blood transfusions with one another, unless they have the same blood type. Mammals are extremely complicated, and bits from one species can’t just be mixed at random with another.

    However people aren’t ignoring crossbreeding possibilities. Wolves and dogs can breed. Horses and donkeys can breed (some interesting details in the link below). And if the extinct Woolly Mammoth is brought back by genetic manipulation, a live elephant is liable to carry it to birth, making the Mammoth in a sense, part elephant.

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