Can you compare what Steve Irwin did for animals what John Muir did for the environment?



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    I definitely think Steve Irwin did a lot for the environment and raised a lot of public attention and interest towards animals where people might otherwise not have cared. He was concerned with conservation of endangered animals and land clearing leading to loss of habitat. He had urged people to take part in considerate tourism and not support illegal poaching through the purchase of items such as turtle shells or shark-fin soup. He founded the Steve Irwin Conservation Foundation, which was later renamed Wildlife Warriors Worldwide, and became an independent charity. He was described after his death by the CEO of RSPCA Queensland as a “modern-day Noah,” and British naturalist David Bellamy lauded his skills as a natural historian and media performer.

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    John Muir is definitely a key player in environmentalism. He was a naturalist and a writer with a spiritual belief in the natural world. As a co-founder of the Sierra Club, his work for the environment reverberates today. It may be too soon to tell how much Steve Irwin has impacted the world’s view of animals and nature. However, he was a national hero of Australia for the work he did educating people about animals. He worked to protect animals that are often killed out of fear, such as sharks, snakes, and obviously crocodiles, and may have had a huge influence on how the general public now sees these animals.

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    Yes Steve Irwin definitely has helped animals.  I think the key reason why he was so successful was because he was entertaining.  When you watched his show you were not bored (like some other animal shows)  you really liked Steve and wanted to meet the guy (at least I did)!  This obviously made people care about what he was doing and why he was doing it.  Educating people is key and the best way to educate somebody is to do it through entertainment (make them enjoy learning).  Steve did this phenomenally, and I think he was a key player in bringing nature into homes across the world.  

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