Can you call an environmental agency if your neighbor is burying his trash?



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    Yes you can. Figure out what agency there are in your area and give them a call. Usually environmental agency want you to report anything that will harm the environment. Since its on someone private property, they might send you to the city government but just call around! 

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    It depends on whether the trash he is burying will be harmful to the environment. Unless he is releasing toxic waste and substances into the ground or air, I don’t see why you should call an environmental agency. What exactly is he dumping? At landfills, trash is buried in the ground too. The only difference with your neighbor, it seems, is that he is not sending his trash across town, not wasting the resources of having it picked up in a dump truck and dumped out of sight. Shouldn’t we all take more responsibility for our own trash? Shouldn’t we dump or treat it in the place it is produced, rather than dumping it in one big mass where we don’t have to look at it and where the organic elements cannot reach productive soil? The people who live in the vicinity of your city’s landfill have to deal with the environmental repercussions of the waste you send there, so why shouldn’t you have to deal with your own waste? This sounds like a little case of Not In My Backyard! (NIMB!)

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