Can you believe there are restaurants in the US that serve whale?



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    Yea seems like high end japanese restaurants serve whale sushi to their clientele.  It is definitely a horrible practice and depending on the laws and regulations of serving such meat these restaurants should incur some penalty.  I am not sure what kind of laws and regulations US has over such behavior.  Do you? 

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    Well, I do believe the guys that won an Oscar for a documentary concerning another sea mammal’s trouble. And this made it to other major news companies, so that article isn’t made up either. The truth is, there is always a market for illegal things – hence there are thousand of tigers in China in technically outlawed farms for their fur and bones. There were probably clients familiar with whale meat sushi and either unaware of the law or willing to ignore it. They would ask for it, and the restaurant would figure out it could get an edge over competitors by luring such customers in. Clearly, the owners thought it’s worth the risk and didn’t care much for the whales.

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    I’m not tremendously surprised, as bizarre Japanese delicacies have a sort of cultural cachet among those who can afford to pay for them. Take for instance fugu–pufferfish–which is potentially toxic and yet commands sometimes hundreds of dollars a plate. If there’s a demand for it, somebody somewhere will decide it’s worth the risk to supply the demand even if it is illegal, as serving whale meat is anywhere in the US. The fact that a species is potentially endangered may even increase the cachet. As long as we’re talking about movies, you may remember a 1990 film called The Freshman, starring Marlon Brando and Matthew Broderick, which satirized this precise phenomenon. The plot of that film involved a Mafia-run endangered species smuggling ring, with the endangered animals winding up as food on the $250,000-a-pop plates at an exclusive restaurant called the Gourmet Club. In the movie the central animal was a Komodo dragon, but it could just as easily have been a blue or humpback whale.

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    Yes and I do not believe that this will be stopping anytime soo$ as long as japanese culture takes a liking to whale meet there will be a demand for it in the united states. As with drugs, if there is a deamnd for a product there is almost always a way to get it.

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    It’s indubitable there exists restaurants in US that serve whale. The government should please fish them out and bring them to book.

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