Can you become allergic to bees if you get stung too many times?



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    There is no set number of how many times a person needs to be stung by a bee before they have an allergic reaction. It is possible for someone who has been stung many times without a reaction to one day develop an allergic reaction after being stung. The chances of having another allergic reaction to this is 30% in mild cases and 70% in severe cases.

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    The process of sting-induced allergies is poorly understood – but like other allergies, being allergic to stings appears to fun in families.  The reactions can range from extended sweeling to potentially deadly anaphylactic shock.  Approximately 60% of allergic adults and 8% of allergic children suffer shock when they are stung.

    A person can be stung many times during his lifetime and have only normal reactions then suddenly one sting will produce a strong allergic reaction. The sensitivity may last fewer than three months or more than 25 years. 

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