Can you ask questions about anything on greenanswers or does it have to be strictly enviromentally things?



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    We do generally like to have more environmentally-related questions on GreenAnswers, but if it fits into the categories, we will probably answer it. Environmentally-related politics, gardening, product safety, and other such topics are welcomed, even if they’re not totally about the environment. The sciences get a lot of play on GreenAnswers, as do ethical questions and inquiries about education, health, and environmental philosophy.

    It is generally rather poor etiquette, though, to ask a question about, say, price comparisons for shoe brands, general pop culture, or other topics not at least peripherally related to the environment. There are other forums out there in which to ask questions that do not somehow relate to the topic of the site.

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    The purpose of this website is to discuss topics relating to the environment. People probably wouldn’t want to answer questions that aren’t related to the environment and dismiss it. As long as your question doesn’t stray too far from the eco-friendly spectrum you should be fine.

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    Like the above posts said, as long as your answer has some environmental relevance you’re good.  This is basically a forum where environmentally conscious people can form a community and discuss different issues. Completely random questions will usually be ignored.  

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    Not every question has to be about the environment. For example you could ask about health issues or transportation issues. Almost anything you could ask will have an implicit, if not explicit relation to the environment.

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