Can yogurt be made at home?



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    Yes, this is a homemade recipe below. You need a thermometer to measure exact temperature of the milk you heat to make it. Also, you need a little plain yogurt to make your larger batch of homemade yogurt.

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    Sure it can. You need milk, a heat source and warm area for fermentation, some plain yogurt (to provide bacteria), and a cool place.  The trick is the temperatures.  You want to heat the milk gradually to about 185 or 190 degrees but you don’t want it to boil  Let it cool for about 20 minutes or until it gets between 100 and 110 and then add the yogurt (like a one serving container you’d see in the grocery store) which will work as a starter.  Then you want to let the yogurt ferment in a warm place (about 100 degrees) overnight.  (or 4-10 hours)  Finally put it in the refrigerator.   Some people say to use additional ingredients like powdered milk or cream, but I’ve always used just milk and a starter yogurt.  

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