Can yogurt be made at home?



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    Yes, in fact it is quite easy.  All you need is non-skim milk and yogurt culture.  The yogurt bacterial culture comes from most store bought yogurts.  Look for brands that advertise, “active culture”.  You will need to fill some mason jars with milk and put a spoonful of yogurt in each.  Then heat up your oven to it’s lowest setting.  After your oven has heated turn it off, allow it to cool a bit, then put the jars of milk inside without lids.  Leave the oven cracked to allow it to continue to cool.  Then wait anywhere from 2-6 hours and you’ll have yogurt!  There are more exact instructions that will ensure safety and results posted below.

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    Yes, you can make yogurt at home!  I have never done so, but the website I found makes it look pretty easy.  All the information is in the link I attached.  You do need some goofy items, such as a heating pad. 

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