Can the world survive forever

I was having a conversation with a friend and she mentioned she read the earth only has 50 years left. That is a number I am not sure I believe but I am curious if it is possible for the world to truly NEVER end?



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    Well, if scientists are correct, billions of years from now, the earth will probably be destroyed as the sun expands into a red giant. So, no, it is likely not possible for the world to never end. Anything that could somehow prevent the sun from expanding, as stars do in their life cycles, would probably destroy the earth as well.

    Some climate scientists estimate that, in fifty years, if we continue polluting and using fossil fuels as we are now, there will be a huge die-off of species and humans could even be affected. But, we are beginning to change our ways, and we likely have far more than 50 years here on this earth! And, even if we became extinct, the earth itself would still exist for a long time.

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    The earth is not going anywhere anytime soon. Global warming will simply destroy the lives of various species throughout the world and allow for the formation of new species. The human race will be rid of and the earth can finally be free of this disease that is seeking its destruction.

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    Planets have life-cycles just like any other living thing. It’s possible that in the future, our atmosphere will thin out and render life here impossible, making the Earth nothing more than another rock orbiting the sun. It’s also possible that the natural expansion of the universe will result in the explosion of the sun, taking out most of our solar system and physically destroying the Earth.

    Also possible? A million other alternatives, and while some are more plausible than others, the truth is that no one knows exactly how much longer the Earth has left or exactly how it will die out when its time comes. All we can do is to think of the consequences our specific actions have on the Earth and to think about whether or not those consequences represent an unnecessary harm that could be avoided, stopped, or reversed.

    (The first link cited below is a serious article, a recent report from NASA which is the latest in a slew of recent findings on how the Earth is going to end within two to three years. The second directs to a Flash cartoon about the end of the world through nuclear armageddon. Given the scientific community’s history of alarmist reports, both of these explanations are probably equally as likely).

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      It’s a relief to know that the earth won’t be going anywhere soon! It is unfortunate it can be here even if humans cease to exist 🙁

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    The sun is a mid-sized star, and it is about halfway through its lifetime. It might live another 5 billion years before it experiences some sort of star death. At some point before the end of the sun’s life, it will grow to the size of a “red giant” star, something that happens to all stars before they die. It has to do with any given star’s inability to maintain elemental equilibrium in its core (or the equlibrium between pressure and heat) once it reaches a certain age. Anyway, when the sun becomes a red giant, in all likelihood, life on earth will no longer be possible – and that’s only if life on earth does not cease before such a thing occurs. However, take into consideration the vast length of time 5 billion years represents. Even if human-kind lasts 1 million years, that’s an amazing step for evolution.

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