Can wood from old barns be used to make homes?



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    If the wood is still good, I don’t see why not.  You would probably have to get the right contractors and builders to get it done as well as any permits that are required.  That is actually a really good way to recycling.

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    Yes, it can and people have been doing this for quite some time. Particularly with large beams, which necessarily came from very trees that are increasingly hard to find (which also means more expensive). As bpadhiar mentioned, the wood has to be structurally sound, but if it is it can be reused as strucutral timber, or for flooring or accent pieces. Here is a link to one company that works with reclaimed old-growth timber (

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    i am an architect and barn designer/builder. and yes. a few things to investigate first tho. be sure the wood was not used in a location that received a lot of animal urine or fesces. if so, it will offgas those odors forever. and check for wood boring insects. you wouldn’t want those. also, if it is being used in a structural application make sure the wood doesn’t have what is called dry-rot where the full dimension of the piece looks intact but is virtually hollow with no strength at all. a simple test for this is whether or not a knife blade or other metal implement can easily be driven by hand through the wood with very little resistance. finally, take care when cutting through or into this type of lumber as it frequently contains old nails or other metal devices which can become dangerous or tool destroying when encountered.


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      One of my neighbors tore down his old barn and the wood is absolutely beautiful. If the wood doesn’t smell or have insects would it be a good material for siding? I would imagine so because it wouldn’t be load bearing and it would be added protection from the original siding.

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