Can women with breast implants breastfeed?



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    Sometimes.  It seems that everything depends on the type of incision made for the surgery and how much nerve damage occurred.  According to the Institute of Medicine, women with breast implants are 3 times more likely to experience lactation insufficiency.  Problems are more common with periareolar incisions, which is a cut below the nipple, as opposed to from the breast fold or armpit.  The general consensus is that you won’t know until you try but there is an increased risk of not being able to as a result of the surgery.

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    Its possible, but breast implants make it much more difficult and more than half of women who have breast implants will be effected.  Breast implants, or any breast augmentation surgery, espcially those which involve an incision along the nipple, decrease a woman’s ability to produce an adequate milk supply.  64% of women who have breast implants are unable to creat enough milk for their babies.

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    Many women can breastfeed successfully with breast implants.  Problems tend to occur when the incision made to insert the implant is done below the nipple as opposed to under the fold of the breast or in the armpit.  Implants that are placed underneath the muscle of the chest wall tend to pose fewer complications than other types of implants.

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