Can wind energy be harnessed by homeowners?



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    Wind energy can be harnessed by homeowners. The problem is, it’s expensive! Currently, the home owner has to purchase a small turbine, which means you need to have a decent amount of property as well as funds. Companies are trying to come up with a way that is more accessible to the urban homeowner, but for now they are stuck with solar power. 

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    The windspire is a cool way to utilize wind energy in your own backyard without the noise and propellers you see on traditional turbines. It is bird-safe and can produce 2000 kilowatt hours per year. Right now the windspire costs $4,500- but hey, it’s clean!

    The popular website here <> actually provides step by step instructions on how to build your own wind turbine if you don’t want to spend loads on a store-bought one. Basically, in addition to mounting and blade material, you need a generator and some kind of electronic control system. Not completely easy, but relatively simple and an accessible project for many homeowners.

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