Can we use sun power to disinfect water?



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    The sun won’t disinfect water on its own—otherwise any stream or bucket of water that isn’t in the shade would be OK to drink. BUT! there could be a way to use mirrors and lenses to concentrate beams of light in order to raise the temperature of the water to a point at which it will boil. Then the steam could be collected and you would have distilled water. Further processing would probably have to take place before drinking the water (because you’re not supposed to drink distilled water) so the answer is half yes and half no— you could definitely get the particulates out of water using sun power, but I’m not sure about whether or not this process would create truly disinfected, drinking water. A science project is definitely in line here).

    They actually make energy this way — see article in Popular Science — by allowing light to raise temperature in a chamber and then allowing the rising air or steam or spin a turbine.

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