Can we use the sun to more efficiently heat our homes?



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    This is a good question Saniyaobrien, and the answer is yes.

    We can accomplish this through the careful attention to architecture when designing a home.  By orienting your house so that you have as many windows facing the sun as possible, you can help to capture some of that heat that may otherwise be wasted.  This practice of using the sun to help heat our home more efficiently is called passive heating.  You can also utilize passive cooling by paying attention to where you place windows in your house that you can open for a breeze.  For a more detailed discussion of these practices, visit

    Hope this helps!

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    If you are feeling particularly intrepid, you can invest in a solar water heater.  It is exactly what it sounds like, and many state governments offer tax incentives for those interests. Another root to take is to re-roof your house with pigmented coatings or cooling granules. These will cool your house more in the summer time by reflecting more of the sun light, thus saving energy being used on air conditioning.

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