Can we use something other than batteries to store renewable energy?



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    Technically no, as the definition of a battery is something that is used to store energy. However, things like solar panels, power cells, etc, all do this with renewable energy. To cut down on waste, we have things like rechargeable batteries, which store energy till they run down, then can be recharged, like an iPod battery.

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    Evidently scientists at the University of Singapore have developed a polystyrene-based polymer membrane that is claimed to be more efficient and less costly than traditional batteries. The cost of storing energy is gauged at about 72 US cents per farad, while a traditional battery can cost around 7 US dollars per farad. This makes storage, use, and safety of the material much better than batteries of today, of which are large, heavy, and cumbersome. The energy storage capacity and efficiency of the new membrane is said by its developers to be much more powerful than today’s lithium ion and rechargeable batteries.

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