Can we use rats to help feed the hungry?



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    The Principal Secretary of the India’s Welfare Department has suggested the poor do just that. According to Mr. Prakash, rat meat is a protein rich delicacy, nutritious, popular in Thailand, and will save half their grain stock. He would like to see rat farms (like we have chicken farms), and has even passed out rat recipes to local hotels and farms. It is also considered a delicacy in Africa.

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    Possibly. Rat meat is actually considered a delicacy in some countries in south Asia. The rats there aren’t those caught lurking in houses and sewers in the city, however. The rats served in restaurants are usually farmed for their meat just like chicken or pork so they’re tested to be free of diseases, etc. In 2008, the welfare secretary of the Bihar state of India has also proposed a plan to popularize eating rats, thus helping feed the poor and conserve grain resources (rats also eat grain). The biggest issue with his plan is probably the stigma that still surrounds eating rats, especially in urban areas.

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