Can we use green building to revive inner cities?



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    Most definitely! Especially if the city is very vocal about and publicizes it so that it will draw curiosity, attention, and excitement, enticing locals and tourists/visitors to come check it out!

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    Green roofs have been increasing in popularity in major U.S cities, mainly Chicago. Green roofs are rooftops of skyscrapers covered in plants. There are many benefits to green roofs, such as: reduced heating costs, filtering pollutants and carbon dioxide within the building, and reducing storm-water runoff.

    This is just one example of how we can turn urban areas into greener areas. Remember, it is always more environmentally friendly, at least in the short run, to make green updates to existing buildings rather than to build new green buildings.

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    Green building can (and should) be a part of city’s plan to revitalize downtrodden neighborhoods, but it requires a much more comprehensive approach that looks into how the area will attract new business and residents to help the area generate money and build a local economy. 

    Since green building principles are attractive to businesses and people, it should be a consideration when developing a revitalization plan. The EPA calls it Smart Growth and offers awards for excellence in it.

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