Can we use grass clippings to make a good biofuel?



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    Well, my immediate inclination was no—or else they would already be doing so—especially considering how many tons of grass clippings we produce on average!!! But I did a little research. Of course, you probably have already heard of using Corn Stalks as a fuel source for a power generator, but have you ever heard of using switchgrass or hemp? The sources I found said all you need to be able to get from the plant is the cellulose (and I’m guessing that regular old, green, lawn-grass does not have a very high amount of it, or else it would be more popular already as a source of energy). Here’s the quote that interested me:

    “Other raw materials besides wood may also be employed in pellet making, as previously stated. This includes purpose grown energy crops like miscanthus, switchgrass and hemp.”

    So they’re actually using grass (in one form or another) already to make energy! So it’s sort of a crazy idea, but if you can find (or maybe genetically engineer) grass that has good amounts of cellulose in it, then you’d be able to cut it down, dry it out, turn it into dust, then make it into a FUEL PELLET (!?) and than use that as a source of energy!!!! Scientifically, this makes sense to me because there is definitely chemical energy stored in the grass; why shouldn’t you be able to unlock some of that (chem.) potential and grab some of the energy that is released in a reaction!?

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