Can we use crystals for power?



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    While the “power crystals” of fantasy books and video games are things of myth, we can in fact use certain crystals to help us conduct electricity.  Ionic crystals–or crystals whose molecules are held together with an ionic charge–are excellent conductors and can be used in batteries, wires, and generators.  Some examples of these power crystals include bromine, caesium, and sodium floride.

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    Many people believe crystals are powerful. The properties of a crystal really depend on which crystal you possess. For example, some people believe the color of a crystal is significant to different ideas or feelings, and some people believe the exact type of crystal indicates certain characteristics. There are many books about crystals that might be useful to you. Look here for more >>>

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    Crystals cannot emit any sort of energy without first absorbing the energy from another source.  Even then, the energy emitted is minimal.

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