Can we use corn husks for anything when we make corn for our family?



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    Corn husk can be used in many different ways! Corn husk can be used to make into little dolls. A corn husk doll is usually played with a younger child. A doll is easy to make. First you need to grab about 4 corn husk and tie it in together with a rubber band. Second you tie the top of the corn husk in half with a rubber band creating the head. Third you insert the arms right below the head with another corn husk. After you insert the arms tie the bottom of the corn husk (with the arms on top) with another rubber band. Finally your corn husk doll should come up to be a shape of a person with a dress. Many more crafts can be found in the URL. 

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    Corn husks have a variety of uses! Most commonly, they are used in cooking. For instance, they could be used to wrap fish and other types of seafood in order to grill them. Corn husks could also be used for crafting. Like jchang14 stated, corn husk dolls are popular toys among younger children. They could also come in use with home decorating and adding accents to things, like a vase of flowers. There are several ways in which corn husks can be used, you just have to be creative!

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    Corn husks can be used for wrapping tamales, a mexican dish made of cornmeal batter and shredded meat. They can also be used for wrapping fish and other kinds of seafood so that they can be grilled. Corn husks can be used in crafting to make corn husk dolls and puppets. Native Americans used to stuff mattresses and cushions with corn husks, use them as storage for leftover food, and kindling to start a fire. Corn husks can also be made into attractive flowers for home decor.

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