Can we use natural gas to become energy independent from other countries?



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    That does not seem possible, nor would it be a good idea. As it is, United States is the world’s second largest producer of gas (and only 6th by proven reserves of it). In fact, it is the top importer of it, which, together with the production, makes it the largest consumer. At the current production rate, all known reserves will be exhausted in just 11 years. It is true that new reserves are continuously being found, but in the recent decades the amount of new reserves discovered is very small, despite advances in technology. So not only is it difficult for US to use even more natural gas, but that would exhaust the available supply even faster. Hence the whole need for renewable fuel, as it’s only a matter of time: by most estimates, the world’s peak production of gas has already happened or is happening right now, despite the ever-growing consumption.

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    No one estimates the global peak of natural gas production as now or in the past. Most estimates say 2025 to 2050.

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