Can we teach water conservation in elementary school?



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    Yes. THe EPA has resources for teachers to use in their classroosm as well as games on their website to teach children how to conserve water. Elementary school is the place where most kids begin to learn about washing their hands, and that is the perfect time to teach them how to conserve water.

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    Water conservation is already being taught at an elementary level, especially in areas where water is scarce.  Many websites have dedicated lesson plans to water conservation, even outside of simply using a minimal amount of water when washing hands.  In particular, it is popular to dedicate Earth day to a lesson plan regarding water conservation.  Students can measure the amount of water they use while brushing their teeth and they record their daily use of other water fixtures, then compare in class and turn it into a water saving competition.

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    One of the most memorable units in elementary school was the water cycle. We wrote in a first person perspective about what life was like for a drop of water going through the water cycle.

    Most school spend at lease a few weeks on water and it would be easy to incorporate water conservation into that. I live in western Washington, where water is not scarce, and we still talked about water conservation.

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