Can we recycle sea water?



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    Nature already does recycle sea water in a way. The surface water on the ocean and on lakes evaporates when the sun heats up—bounces around—the molecules enough for them to become a gas and leave behind the salt (the heat energy from the suns rays is what helps them to make the jump in state from liquid to gas, which requires more energy in the form of vibrating or fast moving molecules). Then the water vapor rises into the atmosphere and eventually forms clouds. Then when the water molecules in the clouds condense and begin to get heavier because more and more are sticking together, the water comes back down as rain… then it begins it journey back to the sea, where the whole process will be repeated once again.

    Sea water can be converted into drinking water via an energy intensive process called desalination. It’s better to just collect the rainwater after the sun has done the work for you. I mean, how hard would it be to build a pipeline to places where the people are very poor and they do not get very much rain? The romans built the aqua-duct like 2000 years ago… what are we doing today to help our brothers and sisters!?

    Good question, Short!

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