Can we recycle cars?



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    Car recycling is a multi-billion dollar industry that uses far less energy than actually making steel. About 65% of a junked car is made up of steel that can be slvaged, melted down and repurposed. This process uses about 65% less energy than actually creating new steel. Some parts from the car can often be reused and what can not be used will be crushed into small cubes that take up far less space than a whole car sitting in a junk yard.
    Many not-for-profit companies will also take used cars that you may not be able to get much money for. There are plenty of good environmentally friendly options for your old car.

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    As bmalc889 said, we can melt down the steel to recycle cars. However, we can do even better than that! We can convert cars into electric vehicles. This saves the energy needed to melt down the car entirely. An internal combustion engine typically does not last as long as the body of the car, so once it dies, we can give it new life with an electric motor. However, eventually the body of the car will rust through unless it is repainted and well-maintained like some of the old classic cars you still see occasionally today. At that point, it is time to send it to the scrap heap. However, the electric motor will still be good to transfer into another car. Here is a more detailed story that I think you will enjoy:

    If you have any more questions about converting or car rescue, please let me know 🙂 My dad also did a conversion, and I interviewed Gordon and Margaret because they are electric car gurus who helped my dad with his conversion. My dad’s conversion is a 1997 Saturn made with a plastic body, so his will never rust. The engine burned out in 2006, and he completed the conversion in 2007.

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    Yes, you can, actually there are number of stores who actually recycle your car for charity.
    One such that I know is Auto Parts Fair which not only helps the environment by recycling unwanted vehicles and keeping junk scraps – rubber, metal, and plastic – out of the environment but also provide quick and hassle free removal of unwanted automobiles.

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